Course curriculum

  • 1

    Welcome to the course!

  • 2

    Downloading the Parts Templates

    • Download the PDF files that contain the parts templates and the assembled mechanism drawings.

  • 3

    Making the Impatient Skeleton Character

  • 4

    Making the Clumsy Lumberjack Character

    • Introduction to the Clumsy Lumberjack

    • Making the Clumsy Lumberjack's Body

    • Making the Clumsy Lumberjack's Head

    • Installing the Clumsy Lumberjack's Eyes

    • Finishing the Clumsy Lumberjack's Head

    • Making the Clumsy Lumberjack's Arms

    • Finishing Touches on the Clumsy Lumberjack

  • 5

    Making The Little Girl Character

    • Introduction to the Little Girl

    • Making the Little Girl's Body and Arms

    • Fitting the Little Girl's Legs and Arms and Testing in the Chair

    • Making the Little Girl's Head

    • Finishing Touches for the Little Girl

  • 6

    Making the Triage Nurse Character

    • Making the Triage Nurse's Body

    • Making the Triage Nurse's Head

    • Making the Triage Nurse's Arms

  • 7

    Making the Expectant Mother Character

    • Introduction to the Expectant Mother

    • Making the Expectant Mother's Body

    • Making the Expectant Mother's Head

    • Making the Expectant Mother's Arms

    • Fitting the Expectant Mother's Belly

  • 8

    Constructing the Automata Mechanism

    • Making the Enclosure

    • Making the Gear box Parts

    • Assembling the Gearbox

    • Making the Pedestals

    • Making Simple Followers

    • Making Complex Followers

    • Installing the Pedestals

    • Making and Test Fitting Cams

    • Installing the Cams

    • Drilling the Toplate

    • Making an Alternate Custom Bone Shaped Handle

  • 9

    Mating the Characters to the Automata Mechanism

    • Configuring the Vertical Eye Actuator Linkages

    • Configuring the Skeleton Actuator Linkages

    • Configuring the Expectant Mother's Feet Linkage

    • Configuring the Head Turning Linakage

    • Configuring Arm Movement Linkages

    • Configuring the Little Girls Linkages

  • 10

    The Finishing Touches!

    • Waiting Room Accessories

    • More resources for you

    • Four questions for you when you finish your project. It will help me in creating other learning experiences.